Patient Reviews

Certified reviews from some of our patients.

Dear Dr. Limbird,

I do not like dentists. When I was 10 my uncle took me to my first dentist. He wasn’t nice like you; He rapped my knuckles with his glass Novocain syringe. I kicked my knees. He told my uncle not to bring me back. Later that dentist ran off with my uncle’s wife. So you see I got way off balance about dentistry.

You make me feel like I am more important than the work you are going to do. You have never rapped my knocked with a syringe. Do you even have any?

Carmen, Tiffany and Lucy set a high bar of professional accreditation for the office. They also set the standard for friendliness; the whole team genuinely likes to meet folks. It just doesn’t feel like a dentist’s office. It must be from everybody liking what they do. The office color lights up the block and calms you at the same time.

But I’ve got a broken tooth, Dr. Limbird. I don’t like the dentists, but I want to fix the tooth. And you promised it wouldn’t hurt. You promised there would be no Needle. You promised there would be no pain.

Driving to my appointment with you from Ukiah, where I live, I have a lot of time to dwell on needles and pins and pain, oh my!

I like the folks who keep their promise. You did keep your three promises to me. Watching you peel an apple with your Solea® laser is really cool. Even better was the experience in my mouth when you fixed my tooth. There was no needle, no pain, no heat, no cold; it was just right, as Goldilocks would say.

Thank you Dr. Limbird, for helping me to overcome the dentist terrors of 50 years ago. Your ease at making others feel relaxed, that amazing Solea® laser and friendliest folks made my visit to the Dentist one I can write home about. No needles, no pins, no pain, that’s why.

As I write this, I am chuckling to myself. I’m actually looking forward to my next visit. I bet my uncle would shake your hand and say, “Thank you Dr. Limbird.”

So thank you Dr. Limbird for putting a new smile on my face!
Stephen O’Mara (6/7/2017)