Cracked and Decayed Teeth

Every Tooth Fracture Needs Prompt Treatment

No chip or crack is insignificant. Repair damaged teeth in Fort Bragg, California

Unfortunately, some cracks are too small to be seen, even by a trained eye. Sometimes the culprit is a hairline crack in what looks like a healthy tooth. Often, patients aren’t aware of the damage until pain sets in, and they may not even be sure which tooth is causing trouble. Prevent these problems with proper brushing and flossing, as well as regular dental cleanings and checkups.

Most chips and cracks start out as superficial imperfections, but they cannot be safely ignored. Untreated tooth fractures invite bacteria and tooth decay and will progress by growing larger and longer. These cracks in teeth also darken your smile and age your appearance. Taking action as soon as possible can preserve tooth structure and prevent more serious decay/injury.

With fast and effective direct bonding, we can stop a small fracture from growing ugly. For larger fractures, extensive cavities, or tooth decay, we can use dental crowns to reinforce the healthy tooth.

90% percent of all cracks need nothing more than an uncomplicated treatment like tooth-colored fillings, bonding, porcelain veneers, or crowns. Don’t put it off until that little problem needs more serious measures. If you chip or crack a tooth, call us today for an appointment.

Fix cracks and chips to save future time and expense.