Saliva Glands

Dental Benefits of Saliva

A healthy flow, keeps you good to go!

Saliva provides many benefits to teeth, which usually go unnoticed in a healthy mouth. However, the discomfort of chronic dry mouth (xerostomia) is impossible to ignore! If you experience this condition, contact our office today at (707) 964-2618.

Saliva helps lubricate the teeth to keep food debris from sticking between teeth and gums. This healthy flow, in turn, prevents cavities. It also contains calcium and phosphorous, which works as a topical treatment to deliver these vital minerals to your teeth! With adequately functioning salivary glands producing up to three pints per day, it also helps to neutralize stomach acid and prevent heartburn.

When dry mouth becomes a recurring problem, we miss out on these numerous benefits. It can be a side effect of prescription medications, radiation treatment, or a symptom of other conditions like diabetes. If you don’t know what is causing your dry mouth, contact us for a consultation.

Preventing Dry Mouth

  • Avoid beverages and mouthwashes that contain alcohol.
  • Avoid dehydration and increase saliva by drinking plenty of water.
  • Sugar-free gum can likewise help to stimulate salivary glands.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables contain water to hydrate and are also high in fiber that cleans teeth, carrying away plaque and bacteria.

Above all, don’t ignore dry mouth. Contact us for a checkup!